Here Are Some Pros And Cons Of Chegg Textbook Rental

You may remember the days when the only solution for purchasing college textbooks was paying hefty prices at university bookstores. Those days are gone because now students have more choice in where they spend their money, and savings is the name of the game.


Today's students have the option of purchasing their textbooks at the bookstore if they prefer, but they also know that the Internet offers them more opportunities for getting the books required to make it through class without spending laundry money. Chegg is a website, among others, that promotes the rental of textbooks rather than selling them. Every dollar counts when you are a college student, and when you can get those books at a fraction of the new price there is lots of money left over for frills like eating.


Following is a list of pros and cons of Chegg.


Chegg Pros


• Students are able to get customize Chegg according to the books that are used at their own university. By using the sliding menu located on the sites home page they can check for titles and rental prices on the books they need.


• Chegg has a 21 day return policy that allows students who may not be satisfied with the books, for any reason, to receive a full refund.


• There is a plentiful supply of textbooks on the site.


• Extensions are available for up to the length of a semester for those students who need to use the rented textbook again.


Chegg Cons


• Chegg only has one rental period length and that is unlike other sites that rent textbooks. Those that rent for different periods of time have varying lengths which creates different prices. Chegg rents books for 180 days and the cost of this is set. If students want to return their books early they can.


• Students may find that it is cheaper to buy books if they are paperback novels and some other books. In some instances renting textbooks from Chegg can actually cost more than if students bought them outright. This is often true when the books they purchase are used.


With these pros and cons of Chegg it will be easier to decide whether or not it would be a good idea to make the choice to work with Chegg textbooks. Chegg has a reputation for reliability so you know that they are a trustworthy company.

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