Canada Builds at the Cottage Life Show

Once upon a time many families owned a weekend cottage that they escaped to on Victoria Day weekend and closed up by the time Labor Day had come. Now this has changed and families are hunting for holiday homes that they can use at any time of year.

This may mean that people are able to make the most of their rest and relaxation time and it does quantify the need for well designed summertime homes that are built to high standards. This is the opinion of Dion Gemmiti of Canada builds ( The company are creating a home that will withstand all weathers and showcase at the 2012 Fall Cottage Life Show.

Many people spend huge amounts of money on their cottages, some finding hardwood flooring in Barrie and it would be good if they could reap the benefits all year round.Gemmeti says " A second home should be built to a high standard and be energy efficient".

There are few companies that build in "controlled environments" and Canada Builds is one such firm. The design built cottages are built in sections and put together in a large unit in Lindsay, Ontario. The assembly units have optimal levels of heat and humidity. The parts are then sent directly to the site where the cottage is being erected and assembly takes about fourteen days.

The prototype that will be on view at the show has two bathrooms and two bedrooms. The living room and the kitchen are open plan and the design is contemporary. A high percentage of purchasers choose a home with a basement, this ensures that there is plenty of living space. Purchasers can choose their own finishing touches and many opt to take a look at hardwood flooring in Barrie. Other finishes include high tech features, green energy alternatives and appliance upgrades. The cost of a modular cottage is substantially lower than a conventional building, maybe this is one reason why Gemmiti's business is doing so well.

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