Ski Hills in Ontario

From the Pacific to the Atlantic, Canada offers some great opportunities for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. If somebody wants to ski hills in Ontario, the land is covered with fresh winter terrain, and the costs are affordable as well. In fact, Canada's ski season is perhaps longer than anywhere else in the world. If one plans on adding heli-skiing to their itinerary, they could practically ski all year long. Even without a year long skiing saga in mind, Canada offers a full season five months in length, from November until April, and in the west there are some places that go even longer. Everywhere one goes in Canada, there are places to ski. This even includes the prairies. There are far too many to mention each choice place, but the Alberta Rockies, Ontario, and Newfoundland are a few of them.

Anybody who thrives on backcountry skiing will already know that Canada is one of the greatest places in the world to do this activity. Of course, backcountry skiing is downhill skiing in rugged areas with no sign of human interaction. Of the many methods for reaching these spectacular ski areas, helicopter is one of the best. This is called heli-skiing,and is only for the most advanced and fit skiers. This method was adopted in 1965 in British Columbia. This is simply where a helicopter takes a skier to a remote, high and rugged mountain and drops them off for their ski. another method used is snowcat. This is like a sled combined with a tank, and it can go up and across almost any terrain. The advantage of the snowcat over the helicopter is that it can carry on on matter how hard it is snowing, and often, a helicopter will not be able to get into the sky. It is certain that no matter what form an enthusiastic snowboarder or skier chooses, if they are in Canada, they are going on an awesome adventure.

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