Hotel Renovations in the Future

Hotels are seeing a huge increase in innovations and renovations. Recent industry conferences have centered around discussions, panels, and forums about hotel renovations.

A lot of hotels have engaged in furniture, bed, and bathroom design wars. Hotels compete on efficiency, guest comfort, and having the best hotel design. Renovations are often very expensive because hotels have to purchase new furniture, replace carpets and art pieces, and redesign bathrooms. In addition to these standard types of renovations, a new type of renovation is hitting the hotel scene: technology

Technology is everywhere in the hospitality industry. This is especially true in the cutting-edge hotels in Las Vegas. Not only is this town known for its expensive hotels, lavish design, and non-stop entertainment, but it is now known for its technology upgrades in hotels, as well.

Some hotels boast bedside control panels. These control panels allow the guest to control things like the curtains, the lights, the temperature, the TV, and the bathroom, all from the comfort of the bed. For example, a guest can close the curtains, dim the bedside lights, turn off the bathroom lights, and relax in front of the television to browse the channels all with one control panel. This design keeps the guest from having to get out of the comfortable and luxurious bed in the room. These electronic renovations in hotels is becoming quite common.

Not only are hotels focusing on beautiful furniture and spending money on lavish hotel design, but technology as well. By bringing high-end technological advances to hotel rooms, the hospitality industry brought a new level of competition between hotels. Now, not only will hotels compete on which one can have the most luxurious design, but they will compete on which one can have the most up to date technologies available in each guest room.

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