A Junk Pick Company in Scarborough Will Take Care of Your Problem

Large piles of junk and rubbish do not look attractive to anyone. If you have accumulated a big pile of junk in your home or your workplace, you may not know what you should do with it. The best way to take care of it is to call a junk pick company in Scarborough to pick it up and remove it. You will be amazed at how a junk pick company can simply make your junk disappear.

Cost of a junk service

There is only one disadvantage to calling a junk removal company and that is the fact that you will have to pay to have this service performed. There are not really any companies or people who will provide this service to you for free.

Flat Rate

There are companies that charge a flat rate for junk pick up. A flat rate can be the best deal in some cases. A company charging a flat rate has already calculated their labor and gas costs into the fee. You will simply pay the fee that is charged for the volume of junk they pick up from you.

Price Based on Hourly Rate

Some junk removal companies charge an hourly fee. This benefits the company but it is not good for the customer. The customer has no control over how much time the company takes to load the truck. If the workers are very slow, you will pay more money. A company that is charging by the hour will start their billing before they arrive at your place and they will continue to charge you after they leave your location.

Price Based on Volume of Junk

Junk removal trucks will often calculate your fee based on the volume of junk they haul away. If you fill about 6 per cent of the truck, you will be charged approximately $95. If your junk volume fills the entire truck, your fee will be approximately $95 in most cases. Most junk removal companies will charge you about $300 if your junk fills one half of the truck.

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