AAH Strategy Helps Seniors In Ontario

Does Ontario Have A Plan For Aging Seniors?

In 2007, Ontario began the Aging At Home Act, in an attempt to improve the medical conditions and lifestyles for seniors who opted to spend their golden years in their houses, versus nursing homes or other assisted housing facilities.

As the population of Ontario gets steadily older, Ottawa senior care will be increasingly important. In the next two decades, the number of people age 65 or older is expected to at least double.

Ideally, the Aging At Home Strategy will let the elderly go home faster after going to the hospital, or perhaps avoid a hospital trip altogether if other options are available. This should reduce the workload of hospitals, doctors, and nurses, and make them more efficient.

The network most responsible for the AAH is Ontario's LHIN, which figures out which areas need help and creates funding for care at home and in community centers.

20% of the $700 million of the AAH went to preventive services. This would let LHIN provide superior services in a variety of cities, including Ottawa Senior Care.

Projects and Services

The Alzheimer Society has helped care for over 2000 seniors in the last year. The goal is assist people who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's or related diseases, and also to provide support and eduction for their friends and loved ones.

The Going Home Project provides Ottawa Senior care for seniors for a week and a half after they have released from the hospital.

Assisted living service is a part of Ottawa Senior Care, in addition to being provided in Renfrew, Almonte, and other areas. These help seniors with meal preparation, cleaning, and other daily chores.

Rehabilitation help is available for seniors who are suffering from chronic conditions such as strokes and osteoarthritis.

In Brampton, seniors may be able to get rides to and from medical appointments.

Early in 2011, it was established that the AAH strategy had helped cut down on hospital wait times and provided seniors with an improved quality of life. Ottawa senior care is seeing a vast improvement, and many other cities in Ontario are seeing similar results.

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