Benefits Of Employee Attitude Surveys

Knowing and understanding the needs, expectations and attitudes can be important to any organization, and of course, poor job performance, absenteeism and high turnover all cost a company money.

An attitude can best be described as a general set of feelings towards particular event, person or place, rather than a cause or motivator of certain behavior. An attitude can often be used to predict how a person, such as an employee, may react or behave in a certain scenario.

An employee attitude survey is one of the most obvious ways to find out what your employees are really thinking, other than actually asking them which of course, is not always a realistic option. Any such survey must be carried out correctly in order to not cause employee discontent.

The following should be taken into account if you are considering conducting your own survey on employee attitudes.

Your first decision is likely to be whether to carry out the survey yourself in house, or hire an outside firm to conduct it. Of course, cost is a big consideration, and regardless of who carries out your survey, it is important that it produces enough information to be meaningful. If you do your survey in

house, you or someone in your company needs to be able to develop the right questions, actually carry out the survey, analyze the results effectively, and interact with employees at every level.

You should also consider the following if you do your survey in house:

1.) Consider using any already existing and developed survey instruments, or online survey software already developed.

2.) Many employees are understandably reluctant to make their true feelings known in a survey on attitudes, and will only participate if their identity is not revealed. Some ways to accomplish this include using a secret ballot box, using broad demographic categories so as not to identify minority employees, and ensuring that the results are processed by at least one employee representative.

3.) An orientation, during which the purpose of the survey and how it will be carried out, is also recommended. It also helps to openly present and discuss the results, so that employees feel as though their input is really making a positive difference; one does not want employees to become upset and frustrated when the point is to evaluate their attitude!

Research suggests that a survey carried out by an outside administrator tends to be more impartial and objective, and whether the firm uses online survey software or another method, the results may be more accurate.

All employers want to know what their employees are really thinking and attitude surveys are still one of the most effective ways to find this out.

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