Possible Pitfalls of Visiting an Oyster bar in Toronto

Across the Tampa Bay region, there are many bars serving raw oysters, and these venues are filled with customers. An oyster bar in Toronto, Canada is a common sight as well. Nonetheless, for a particular group of individuals, the bacteria that lurk in the oysters can quickly produce a very serious, and possibly fatal, illness. People suffering from liver diseases, such as cirrhosis, diabetes, AIDS, leukemia, or people who consume immuno suppressive steroids or drugs, are especially vulnerable to the severe blood poisoning condition known as primary septicemia.

There are certain preventative measures you can take to tackle this infection. People who suffer from any of the diseases mentioned above are recommended to avoid undercooked or raw seafood. People who have open wounds ought to avoid coming into contact with warm sea water. Below, we have listed a range of preventative measures that have the backing of the US Family Physician Journal:

Avoid any contact with raw sea food juice; utilize separate knives and cutting boards for non seafood and seafood

Avoid consuming seafood or raw oysters, particularly if a chronic liver condition, or an immuno compromising disease is present. The risks are higher whenever the seafood is harvested during the summertime

Thoroughly cook shellfish:

Inside the shell: keep boiling until the shell has opened, then boil it for a five minutes longer. Or, you could steam it until the shell has opened, then steam it for nine minutes longer (if the shellfish does not open when you are cooking it, do not eat it)

Oyster shucking: keep boiling for a minimum of three minutes, or keep frying for a minimum of ten minutes at 191°C (375°F)

Promptly place any seafood that is left over in the fridge

While handling shellfish or raw oysters, always wear gloves

People who have open wounds:

Avoid any contact with raw seafood or seawater, particularly if the temperature of the water is over 20°C (68°F)

Rinse any wounds that do come into contact with seawater using clean water and soap Seek medical attention for any wounds that appear infected immediately

This advice should help you to spot the warning signs so often seen in restaurants.

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