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How a home's electrical system works is a subject of which all property owners should have a basic understanding. Below is some essential information about this topic:

Understanding the Fuse Box

The function of the home's control panel is to ensure that the electrical circuits are not overloaded, as this can result in a fire. The electrical circuit contains fuses, the latter of which interrupt the flow of electricity when overloading occurs. Certain systems have switches that trip if the aforementioned scenario takes place.

The first thing one should do after moving into a new home is locate the fuse box. It is typically found in a hallway, storage room or basement.

Various Causes of a Noisy Fuse

There are several issues that can result in a noisy fuse. One must first identify the type of noise, and then discover whether it is occurring continuously or only under certain circumstances. The most common sounds are as follows:


A quick rush of current can cause a short buzz. A loose screw can also result in such a sound. Tightening screws and replacing fuses that are discolored or old is always a good idea.


Clicking can be caused by loose fuses, the latter of which can cause an arc of electricity between the fuses and the hardware in which they are housed.


Old fuses or a faulty breaker are common causes of a general hum in the system. An electrician should be called if such humming is heard.


Rattling is often caused by loose housing covering the control panel. If this is the case it should be repaired.

Contacting an Electrician

Poorly maintained electrical systems can cause a fire, and therefore it is imperative that one contact an electrician under the following circumstances:

• Receiving a shock when fuse housings are touched

• Sudden noise coming from a formerly quiet fuse box

• Regular power outages under standard load

• Aging fuses that need replacement

Electricians have various ways to test electrical systems with specialized equipment. They will also ask the homeowner various questions about how the system typically performs. Ultimately, the most qualified rewiring electrician Montreal has to offer will be able to remedy the problem.

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