Experience An Oyster Bar in Scarborough

If you find yourself in the Yorkshire coast, you have to complete your trip by visiting Scarborough. Scarborough is the largest and the first resort town in the coast, dotted with sandy curving beaches on the North Sea. The North Bay and South Bay is breath-taking, with a headland in between. You can experience many attractions as well.

Scarborough is fast becoming a tourist destination because of the many features for tourists. Since it has miles of beautiful coastline and there is a rich ocean resource, there are also great fish and chips shops, local tourist traps, and fun destinations like arcades.

For those who want to see more of its natural beauty, there are hills and cliffs. Scarborough was initially known as a spa town with mineral waters and swimming spots at sea. It is more of a popular family destination because of the hangouts and fresh air. It is 56 km northeast of York, and from London it is 407km north. There are local trains from York and Scarborough throughout the day, and accommodations are unique. One popular hotel is Beiderbecke's which is an 1835 building at the end of a Victorian crescent. With 27 guest rooms, it is very well furnished, and the large tiled bathrooms add to the comfortable ambience. It has its own contemporary cocktail bar and is considered the coolest hangout in town.

Scarborough is not without small cafes and restaurants. There is an Italian coffee bar, and Marmalade's has a selection of international cuisine that is lively and sophisticated. Mother Hubbard's is a charming family-style seafood restaurant serving the best fish and chips in town. You can go and also experience an oyster bar in Scarborough just as how the locals do.

There is no shortage of activities in the area. Just next to the beach there is an upper town and lower area because it is an area known for the seaside area.

There is also a local art gallery and the Rotunda Museum, and a short trip to Scarborough Castle built in the 12th century. Scarborough is a charming town for the person who loves seaside living, and a trip could be enough to entice you to go back anytime soon.

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