Simple Remedies for iPhone Water Damage

We all know someone who has done it. Dropped their brand new 3G(S)/4 iphone in the water, that is. When you think of the cost of an iphone repair, it is an awful feeling that you have ruined your expensive purchase by letting water in. However, before you despair, have a look at these ways of dealing with water damage to your iphone.

See how much damage has been done

How much your iphone has been damaged depends mostly on how long it has been in the water. The first thing to do it to turn it off, making sure that the power button is at the top. If it does not turn off immediately, hold down the home button at the same time until it powers off. Do not turn it back on again yet.

Next you need to get it all dried out. Take out the Sim card and its casing and leave them to dry. Then dry the rest of the iphone with a paper towel. Shake out any loose water and, if you have a hairdryer, put it on to its lowest setting and carefully dry all of the openings and connections. Leave the iphone turned off for now.

The rice remedy

There is still probably a lot of water left inside your iphone. This is when you need to use the rice remedy. Take a handful of uncooked rice, or some silica gel if you have any to hand, and put it alongside the iphone in an airtight place (such as a zip-lock bag). Put the bag somewhere warm and leave until the water has all bee absorbed by the rice or silica. This could be anything from a few days to a few weeks.

Recovering your iphone

Once the iphone is dry, take it out of the bag and put it onto charge. Ideally you will now see a low battery warning, allowing you to proceed at normal. Alternatively, you may see a 'connect to iTunes' message, meaning that the phone needs to be restored. If you see nothing at all, put the iphone back into rice for a few more days to see if more water can be soaked up. If this does not work, it is possible to take the phone apart for more complete drying and rubbing alcohol onto its internal parts.

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