Using a Volcano Vaporizer

In 2008, Canadian manufacturer Arizer released Extreme Q Volcano Vaporizer. This latest version of their popular product became a hit with customers right away. It is easy to use, heats up speedily, and it possesses many features older models did not have. It comes with triple heat sensors and a remote control making it the first and only product of its kind to do so. Even adapt it to an AC power supply with the adaptor provided.

Extreme Q, though portable and lightweight, is made from stainless steel. The upper area sits on a base where the LCD screen is placed. A number of function buttons are located here. The Extreme Q works in three possible ways: warm potpourri, diffuse oil, or vaporize aromatherapy products. A sample of potpourri and a dish come with the vaporizer to help you get started. Heat up takes an average of two or three minutes. The temperature ranges from 104F to 400F. Cooling is also quick: approximately two minutes, helping you to avoid energy waste.

Control the temperature digitally with this popular vaporizer from Arizer. Set the auto timer to have it start or turn off on its own within 4 hours of the time you turn it on, or less according to your preferred setting.

Start by turning on your machine. Set it to the highest temperature for roughly half an hour to get rid of any packing oils.

Using the LCD display panel, set the temperature and fan speed. Set the timer, and check all of this data periodically. Switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius if you prefer.

Activate the vaporizer remotely for greater convenience, changing temperature, fan speed, and timer from another room. You can even change the light on the LCD screen. A lifetime warranty is included with your purchase.

This is a 110-volt product, compatible with North American electrical systems. Buy your replacement parts with ease. If you vaporize a lot, this is a good, quiet machine to invest in. Your product comes with two balloons and a mini whip, two cyclone bowls, extra screens, rechargeable mouthpieces, a glass stirring tool, and an instruction booklet.

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