How To Maintain The Value Of Cars

Regardless of the type of vehicle you own or how old it is, there are a number of simple things that can be done to maintain its value and slow its depreciation.


Eventually, cars are sold, traded in or returned at the end of a lease program. Several factors are taken into consideration when evaluating the worth of a vehicle in all of these cases. The factors include total mileage, age and overall condition. While some of the factors are outside of your control, several are within reach.


Below are a few easy actions that can be taken to maintain the value of cars:

Interior and Exterior Condition


Thoroughly wash and wax regularly as this will assist in maintaining the quality of a vehicle externally and internally.


Use seat covers to help in maintaining the quality of the leather seats or interior cloth.

Smokers should consider not smoking in the car. It is hard for cigarette smoke to be covered up or removed and the overall value of a car can be affected.




If possible, park cars away from other motor vehicles. Some two-door cars have long doors that often cause dings on other cars.


Park in a shaded area to avoid cracks on vinyl dashboards which could result from frequent exposure to the sun.


Maintenance History


Regularly service the car and keep track of the maintenance schedule.

Save the receipts from services like oil changes, car washes, tire rotations and tune-ups that can indicate long-term care. Supplying a verified maintenance history often assists in maintaining vehicle value.

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