How to get your Drapes from Drab to Dazzling with Custom Drapes

Drapes have traditionally been seen in homes that make use of opulent furnishings and gaudy, elegant room settings. However, Budget Blinds' custom drapes can be manufactured to fit into any type of home style and blend perfectly with any room's decor. From bold floral patterns to rich, luxurious fabrics, and everything in between, Budget Blinds is sure to have the perfect set of drapes for your home's interior design.

Depending on your home's existing interior decor and the direction you want to take your design elements, there are many different window covering options available to you in terms of what fabrics to use, what style to incorporate, and what colours to choose from. There are six basic pleats that can be incorporated into your custom drapes or curtains; the two finger pleat, cartridge pleat, French pleat, goblet pleat, inverted pleat, and while not necessarily a pleat, grommets or rings are often grouped here as well. Draperies are being used in many different types of home styles. Here are a few home styles that can incorporate different styles of custom drapes:


Swedish style:


Swedish style makes use of many different colours and fixtures all brought together in a tasteful way to help maximize the space of a small area. Colourful drapes that complement the rest of the room's coloration are a perfect fit in this home style.



New York style:


Often categorized by spaces with tall ceilings and tall windows, wide rooms are often painted using neutral colours and are accented by contrasting furnishings. The tall windows make a perfect space for long, luscious and luxurious drapes.


Traditional style:


Homes that use traditional furnishings will be comfortable using custom drapes in a neutral colour that will help complement other neutral colours throughout the home. There are many different ways to use drapes depending on the type of home setting and interior design style that you are going for. To get a professional opinion and help with ordering the perfect custom window treatments, give your local Budget Blinds a call today.

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    Sheila's Window Toppers (Monday, 29 September 2014 11:20)

    Custom Drapes and blinds do add beauty and luxury to a room. a great investment for a home.