Three Design Ideas for the Winter Season Using Draperies

Draperies and curtains are two unique window treatments in the fact that they can easily be swapped out whenever the homeowner feels like changing up their home's style or decor. This makes them ideal primary or even better secondary window treatments. If you have blinds, shades or shutters already affixed to your windows then you should definitely consider using drapes or curtains as a secondary window treatment. Budget Blinds professionals have provided three distinct uses of drapes during the cold winter months of the year. Get creative and come up with your own unique ways to display your drapes!


Decorative winter themes


Whether you decide to use wintry colors or a pattern with snowflakes and snowmen on it, draperies are easy to interchange and the seasons are a great excuse to show your decorative prowess through your window treatments. Another fun idea is to hang some leftover Christmas ornaments from your drapes to increase the holiday spirit in your home.


Insulating drapes


If you have window treatments that don't offer a lot of insulation for your home, you may want to consider a secondary window treatment that will help keep the cold winter air out and the toasty warmth from the fire or furnace inside. Draperies are an excellent secondary window treatment because they can provide insulation as well as a stylish decorative element to your home in general.


Soften cold, sharp edges with drapes


If your window coverings form sharp edges that don't conform to the rest of your home's style and decor, instead of going through the long and tedious process of taking them down and affixing new window treatments, you could simply add draperies to soften the edges and hide the sharper aspects of your window treatments.

To get started on the road to new window treatments or secondary treatments give the experts at Budget Blinds a call today. A local stylist consultant would be happy to make a free in home visit to help you decide on what type of window treatment would be perfect for your home.

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    Sheila's Window Toppers (Monday, 29 September 2014 11:33)

    As well as insulating properties that custom drapes add, they can also be made with blackout lining to keep rooms dark in the Summer months when the daylight hours are much longer.