Basic Log Home Maintenance Tips

If you are a proud owner of a log home, then it is important that you know how to maintain your home. With the right maintenance skills, you will sure keep your home in tiptoe shape, providing you with a comfortable and beautiful shelter for a long period of time. Just like with any type of shelter, a log home requires regular checkups for possible repairs and maintenance. It is important that you fix minor problems before they can become bigger and more costly to repair.

Log home maintenance tips

It is important that you care for your home just as you would anything precious under your name. Thus, it is advisable that you periodically check your home's interior and exterior for damages that can be corrected. For instance, you can clean dirty sports with a simple water and bleach solution. Using a damp piece of clothing, gently scrub off the dirty spots. Let the cleaned spots dry completely before applying a new stain coat. It is common for the logs used to build your home to develop cracks as they adjust to weather changes. To prevent things from getting out of hand, consider caulking the logs. In addition, you can fill the spaces around the doors and windows using foam to preventing cold air from coming into your home during winter months. There is foam gun specifically designed for this purpose.

Staining your log home

Staining is one of the most important aspects of log home maintenance. It is done to protect the logs from harsh weather conditions like rains and excessive sunlight. You can choose to use oil based or water based stains. Oil based stains are easier to handle and can protect your home for up to five to seven years. Water stain, on the other hand, need reapplication every two to three years to keep your logs protected.

There is something inherently charming about a log home. It oozes charm, warmth and a welcoming feel. Its classic appearance withstands the test of time. It can be several decades old; however, it will lose none of its value over time. Regular log home maintenance can help protect the beauty of your home. Thanks to regular maintenance, your family will have a reliable and lovely shelter for years to come. You will never regret having a log home because it is a perfectly classic design that is both stylish and cozy.

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