The Log House Your Dream Home

After deciding that you want a log home there are some things you can do to get started. Start a scrap book. It can be a traditional scrap book or a digital one. This will help you in deciding on not only what you want your log house to look like but also what you want in your log house. You will also need to set a budget. Go ahead and talk to a finance company or the finance officer at your bank. They can help you to set a realistic budget and this will help in deciding where to buy your land and what amenities you can afford.

Visit log house shows. At the shows you can see all of the different types of log houses as well as talk to the various companies that build them. If there are any manufactures near you call and see if you can take a tour of their facility. You want to use a reputable company, one that will give you good workmanship for your money. If there are none near you ask them to send you some information on the log houses that they build. Most of the companies will be glad to do this.

Log houses can be as extensive or as simple as a person desires. Having an extensive one still does not mean spending a lot of money. After all you want to get as much for your money as you can. A log house can be a great investment. There are ways to keep the cost of a log house down. These are;

1. Choose a design that has already been built.

2. Keep it rectangular in shape. When you add more corners you spend more money.

3. Adding a full basement means you will have more living space.

4. By putting your bathrooms back to back or stacked on top of each other you will save money on your plumbing.

5. Keep your roof line simple as this will save on the cost of materials.

These are just a few ways to keep costs down. You can save money in one area and use it in another area that matters most to you. You can take a look around the home you are living in and see what works and what does not work and make these changes in your log house.

When starting your log home do not rush. Take your time at the start doing research and you will be happier with the finished home.

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