Detailing Cars Before A Sale

Clean cars bring a better price than dirty ones. This means in some cases, taking the car for detailing or doing the work yourself can bring a significantly larger amount of money from its sale. Here are some tip to get you started.


Even if you do not want to have the car professionally detailed, spring for a full service car wash. Removing mud, dirt and dust followed by a coat of wax can do wonders for a vehicle that has lost its showroom shine.


Ideally, the carpets in the car will be shampooed before the ad goes in the paper or on Craigslist. If the car wash did not vacuum the floors, pull out the shop vac and clean the floors and upholstery. Take time to remove all trash from the vehicle and make sure there are no foul odors inside.

Air Brush Scratches

Scratches in the finish can lower the value of the vehicle. Use an airbrush and paint that matches the vehicle to cover the problem areas. Many manufacturers also offer touch up paint with a small brush applicator that is an exact match for the original paint color.

Change the Oil

Nearly anyone buying a used vehicle knows to check the oil. If it is dirty, the buyer may suspect the vehicle has not had the care it needs. A quick oil change can eliminate this possibility.

Selling cars instead of trading them in can help the consumer gain more for the vehicle. It does take some work and patients, however. By ensuring the car is clean, it is possible to get the best price.

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