How Elizabeth Fulton Can Help Strengthen The Bond Between You and Your Dog

There is a popular saying that goes dogs are a man's best friend. Indeed, throughout the years, the dog has gone from just wandering around in the wild to making their way into the hearts and homes of humans. Dogs have filled countless homes with love and happiness however there are times in which relationships between pets and owners are not always harmonious. When it comes to dog communication the best person to address this issue is world renowned animal communicator Elizabeth Fulton.

Elizabeth Fulton grew up having a special connection with animals. As a child she enjoyed rescuing abandoned animals and volunteering in animal shelters. Armed with a degree in clinical psychology, Elizabeth has used her understanding of the human behavior in order to help strengthen the bond between dogs and humans. After studying homeopathy for two years, she came upon Reiki energy healing which made her realize that this is the path that she wants to take in terms of her career. Elizabeth became a Reiki master and started healing and teaching humans and animals. She worked with guide dogs for the blind and the differently abled and worked for many different shelters and animal sanctuaries all over the country. In the recent years she co-authored a book entitled Animal Reiki: Using Energy to Heal the Animals in Your Life.

Animal and dog communication may seem like an alien concept to most people but to Elizabeth it comes as a very natural phenomena. Just like humans, animals communicate in countless different ways because each one is unique. Dogs and other animals communicate by using visual images, thoughts, words, feelings, sounds and many other sensations. Throughout her years in studying animals Elizabeth has come to establish the fact that animals, especially dogs who live very closely with their humans are concerned and can become affected by whatever is troubling their humans. It is from this guiding principle that Elizabeth starts working on smoothening out the relationship between dog and human.

One of the reasons why Elizabeth Fulton has become very well loved by the community in her work in dog communication is that she helps humans deal with the grief and the loss of a beloved pet. When a person's dog becomes sick it becomes very difficult for him and his pet to maintain a healthy relationship because of the challenges that the illness entails. With Elizabeth's efforts and skills in communicating with dogs, she helps strengthen and improve the bond between their humans even in these difficult times.

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