Wet Floor & Other Safety Signs Mandated by OSHA

The main focus for wet floor signs, Safety signs and symbols of hazards is to warn employees and visitors about the need for personal safety. In fact, there are insurance company guidelines for all business or property owners that addressed being legally liable for damages if signs are not posted and someone gets hurt. However, there is a widespread view from employees that they often ignore warning signs, states the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

At the same time, there are numerous online websites that sell a wide variety of OSHA approved signs that are now mandatory for placement in the workplace.

OSHA serves as government watchdog for safety

OSHA is tasked by the federal government to assure safe and healthy standards for all businesses and corporations that conduct business in the U.S. While signs that warn about such things as wet floors or hazards work areas are important, OSHA officials point to the individual worker as all important when it comes to a safe work place.

For instance, OSHA guidelines state that:

- Safety training is required for all employees

- Compliance assistance is also mandatory under OSHA mandates

- Health and safety recognition programs are encouraged to promote safety in the workplace

- OSHA carries out various annual inspections and assess fines for workplace safety violations

- OSHA has strict regulations about limits on chemical exposure while requiring employers to post signs about hazardous chemicals and offer employees easy access to safety information.

In general, OSHA is charged by Congress to enforce the government standards for safety in the workplace but it is the employer who must follow suit with proper signs and safety programs at the work site.

Signs viewed as vital to worker safety

Another aspect of posting wet floor signs, safety signs and other symbols that warn employees and visitors about hazards in the work place is linked to various laws that require signage to help promote worker safety. Still, there are many busy business owners or supervisors who simply forget or ignore public safety and OSHA standards in the work place. The result is a steady rise in workplace-related accidents in recent years that have led to thousands of deaths and more than one million workplace injuries, explains the OSHA website that features statistics on worker fatalities and injuries.

Overall, there is nothing more important in any workplace than having proper signs posted where dangers exist, states OSHA officials.

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